Chheley Kaar (English: Whose Child?) is a 1954 Indian Bengali romantic comedy film directed by Chitta Basu and produced by Charan Chitra. This film received President's Silver Medal in National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali in 1954. The film was remade in Hindi as Bandish starring Ashok Kumar and Meena Kumari. The film was also remade in Tamil as Yaar Paiyyan and in Malayalam as Bhagyamudra.


Tomato is an orphan lives with his adoptive father. His father is very sick, suffering from a virulent disease, and will die within a few months. He instructed Tomato to take shelter to a rich person, Kunal Sen. Tomato approaches Kunal in a park and calls him as father. Shocked, Kunal tries to escape from the unknown child Tomato, but cannot. After many obstacles and chaos, Kunal and his girlfriend Mili start loving Tomato.

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    director Chitta Basu
    editor Kamal Ganguly
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords adoptive father love suffer
    musicBy Kalipada Sen
    publisher Chhaya Bani Limited
    theme romantic comedy