Ini Varum Kaalam

Ini Varum Kaalam is a 2008 Indian Tamil romantic drama film directed by Sibi Chandar. The film features Ranjan and Sajitha Betti in lead roles, with Ravichandran, Ramesh Kanna, Anu Mohan, T. P. Gajendran, O. A. K. Sundar and Saranya Ponvannan playing supporting roles. The film had musical score by Bharani and was released in 2008.


Aravind (Ranjan), a jobless graduate, lives with his widowed mother (Saranya Ponvannan) and his uncle (Ramesh Kanna) in the city. Aravind bumps into the college student Aarthi (Sajitha Betti) in different situations and he slowly falls in love with her. In the meantime, he finds a job in a car dealership company and his first assignment is to buy a rare model car from the adamant and retired military officer Chandramouli (Ravichandran). Aravind gets acquainted with Chandramouli and they befriend, the old man turns out to be Aarthi's grandfather. One day, his uncle steals Chandramouli's car in order to help Aravind. Chandramouli is deeply shocked by the theft, he has a heart attack and is admitted to the hospital. Aravind then brings him back the car and Chandramouli is cured.