1000 Song Challenge

1000 Song Challenge

1000 Song Challenge, also known as Challenge 1000 Songs, is a South Korean karaoke singing competition television series, which aired on SBS from 2000 to 2014. During the show, guests compete by singing popular songs accurately from memory. The songs are chosen randomly from a pool of 1000 songs. Unlike normal karaoke, the lyrics are not shown, so it is easier to make mistakes. The contestants with the highest scores proceed to the next round. In one segment of the show, "Run Karaoke", contestants race to the microphone and whoever gets there first gets to sing a song and gain points. In another segment, the contestants hear the beginning of a song, and the first one to correctly name the song gains points. The winner of the final round receives household items as prizes, such a humidifier or espresso machine. Many popular celebrities were invited to the show, including BoA, Shinhwa and Girls' Generation.


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