Cellbound is a 1955 cartoon short featuring Spike and directed by Tex Avery and Michael Lah. The story was by Heck Allen, and Paul Frees voiced all the characters.


Spike plays a prisoner doing 500 years at Sing Song Prison. However, he has come up with an escape plan and starts digging a tunnel under his cell floor using a teaspoon. 20 years (and 6,500,004,395,632 teaspoons) later, Spike finally digs up through the outside of the prison wall. He returns to his cell to get his disguises but stops all escape activity when the warden comes walking by. When Spike mentions to the warden that it is his 20th anniversary in prison, the warden suddenly remembers it's his wedding anniversary and runs out to get his wife a gift. This prompts Spike to grab his disguises, run through and out of the tunnel, into a train boxcar and into a television set. Seconds later, the TV is hauled onto a truck and taken to Sing Sing Prison. As Spike talks about the many places he plans on visiting, he suddenly sees the warden on the phone and goes into a panic. Turns out that the TV is the anniversary gift for the warden's wife.