The Mighty Jungle

The Mighty Jungle is a Canadian puppet series for preschoolers created by Jeff Rosen and Jason Hopley. The narrative of the story is largely crafted by a group of preschoolers who appear in live-action segments interspersed between puppet-acted scenes. It is co-produced by Halifax Film and Decode Entertainment, both DHX Media Companies; it is produced in association with CBC Television. The program is broadcast in Canada on CBC Television, a Canadian television network owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the national English-language public broadcaster, in the Kids' CBC programming block, and in the United States on Sprout.


Babu, along with his friends Bruce and Rhonda, explore many of the same issues that very young children face, such as wanting to win, feeling silly, or not knowing how much is "too much" of a good thing. As the story illustrating the day's theme is played out, the narrative occasionally pauses so that the live-action preschoolers can suggest a course of action for the puppet characters to take, and often the puppets will react to the advice they receive.


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    genre live-action
    publisher Decode Entertainment