Adarei Man

Adarei Man is a 2018 Sri Lankan Sinhala romance film directed by Prageeth Rathnayake as his maiden direction and produced by Jagath Chandana for Romeo's Eye Picture. It stars director Prageeth Rathnayake himself with Chathurika Pieris in lead roles along with Robin Fernando and Chamila Pieris. Music composed by veteran artist Victor Rathnayake.


It is the love tale of a wealthy kind hearted boy named Pavan (played by Prageeth) and his relation with a middle-class girl Malmi (played by Chathurika). Their parents refuse their affair due to family status. With that, they married secretly with the help of friends.


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    director Prageeth Rathnayake
    editor Pravin Jayaratne
    genre romance
    keywords married
    musicBy Victor Ratnayake
    producer Romeo’s Eye Picture
    publisher Rithma Theatres