Chasing Comets

Chasing Comets is a 2018 Australian comedy drama film directed by Jason Perini and written by Jason Stevens and lead actors are Dan Ewing and Isabel Lucas. The film follows the on-field and off-field life of Chase who is following his dream of playing National Rugby League (NRL). It is set in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, a town divided by the Australian Football League and the NRL. The film was released to Australian theatres on 23 August 2018.


Chase (Dan Ewing) is an aspiring rugby league player for the NRL Team who experiences several life changing moments whilst in a relationship with girlfriend Brooke (Isabel Lucas). He decides to pursue his dream in remembrance of his dad. Along the way, Chase discovers that his teammates Munsey (John Batchelor), Rhys Stewart (Stan Walker), Tom (Beau Ryan), and Rev (George Houvardas) want him to achieve his goals as the pressures of the game's first league match is just weeks away. However, he struggles to keep up resulting in Brooke dumping him and the team dropping him off the team's charts.