Diagnosis (original title: Diagnoza) is a Polish thriller medical drama produced by TVN. The series stars Maja Ostaszewska as the main character and debuted on TVN on 5 September 2017. The second series premiered on 20 February 2018.


The series follows Anna Nowak, who returns to the country after several years spent abroad and is determined to face the person who hurt her in the past. We meet Anna at Katowice Airport. First, she is driving to the Rybnik where lives someone important to her and then she is rushing to meet her lawyer in Warsaw. On her way from Rybnik, she suffers in a bus crash and is admitted to the hospital in the same city. Besides some minor injuries, she is diagnosed with amnesia. Anna is desperate to find out her identity and regain her memory with a help of the medical staff. One of them, though, seem to know her and tries to hide it. In each episode, another piece of her past is uncovered. The series features also stories of patients treated in the hospital as well as private lives of the staff.


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    genre drama thriller
    keywords bus crash drive katowice airport rush rybnik warsaw
    musicBy Ɓukasz Targosz
    publisher TVN