Sathru is a 2019 Indian Tamil language action thriller film written and directed by Naveen Nanjundan on his directorial debut. The film stars Kathir, Srushti Dange in the lead roles alongside an ensemble supporting cast of Laguparan, Ponvannan, Pawan, Neelima Rani, G. Marimuthu, Suja Varunee, and Rishi. The film released on 8 March 2019.


Kathiresan is an honest and rightful cop. His passion in his work and honesty leads to him being brutal to the culprits. His way of inquiry is way too harsh. This causes his colleagues and higher officials to show faces to him. Kathir is from a middle-class family. His father is an ex-military official. His elder brother Viswa is an army man. He lives with his sister-in-law, father, and niece Shruthi. Kathir has a girlfriend named Darshini, who is his sister-in-law's cousin.