The Death of Me Yet

The Death of Me Yet is a 1971 television film directed by John Llewellyn Moxey and starring Doug McClure and Darren McGavin. It based on the 1970 novel of the same name by Whit Masterson. The movie appeared on the ABC Movie of the Week on October 26, 1971.


Edward Young lives in Middletown, seemingly an idyllic 1950s small town. On returning home, he finds a letter that his unit has been activated, so he says a farewell to his girlfriend, Alice. He packs and leaves the town, which is revealed as a KGB training facility for sleeper agents. He has one final debriefing from Robert Barnes, his KGB superior. He spends the following years in the United States, rising to the position of newspaper publisher in Redwood Beach, California under the name Paul Towers. Preparing to visit his brother-in-law, Paul goes diving for abalone but is nearly killed when his SCUBA tank starts feeding him carbon dioxide instead of oxygen. His wife Sibby dives in to save him.