The Arizona Romeo

The Arizona Romeo

The Arizona Romeo is a 1925 American silent Western film directed by Edmund Mortimer and starring Buck Jones, Lucy Fox, and Bud Geary.


As described in a review in a film magazine, the more violent the opposition on the part of her father John Wayne (Kirkland), the more determined is Sylvia (Fox) to marry Richard Barr (Geary) even though she does not really love him. She slips away with her maid and arranges for John to meet her in Arizona. Tom Long is disgusted to find that his cowboys are all getting manicures, and that Sylvia and her maid are responsible, posing as manicurists in a local shop. In seeking to save Sylvia from the attentions of a tough guy, he loses his heart to her. Richard appears on the scene and Sylvia tells Tom why she came to Arizona. Tom agrees to help her and leads the sheriff (Clark) off the track by posing as Richard. Sylvia and Richard make a getaway on the train. Sylvia's father reveals that his opposition to the marriage was a ruse, knowing that she would always be more determined to do the opposite of anything he recommended. Tom rides after the train, takes Sylvia off, and she readily agrees to marry him.

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    director Edmund Mortimer
    genre western
    keywords marry rich tough guy
    producer William Fox
    productionCompany Fox Film Corporation
    publisher Fox Film Corporation