La Leyenda de la Nahuala

Legend Quest: The Legend of La Nahuala (released in Latin America as La Leyenda de la Nahuala) is a 2007 Mexican animated horror comedy film released in theaters on 1 November 2007 in Mexico. It was the fourth animated feature film in Mexico to be released, and the first to be exhibited in DTS. The film was a box-office success on its opening weekend, grossing a total of $42.2 million pesos (US$4.03 million). It was produced by Animex Producciones and directed by Ricardo Arnaíz.


The movie takes place on the Day of the Dead of 1807, in the city of Puebla, New Spain. Leo San Juan, a shy 9-year-old boy, lives in the city with his grandmother, his older brother Fernando "Nando" and their nanny Dionisia, and run the town's bakery. Leo is shunned by children his age due to his stutter, augmented by the pranks and frightening stories Nando delights in telling him. Leo also wets himself when he is scared, a fact that Nando enjoys laughing about. On this particular day, Nando frightens his brother with the legend of la Nahuala: it tells of an old abandoned house inhabited by "La Nahuala". 52 years ago, the house was the home of the affluent Villavicencio family, who were holding a feast for family and friends for the Day of the Dead. Unbeknownst to them, they were being haunted by a malignant nahuatl who wanted to be more powerful. It took over the cook's body, turning the woman into la Nahuala, and initiated a malignant ritual to take over. Nando ends the story saying she killed many people that night before she was "stopped", but that her soul and the souls of all the people she killed are trapped in the abandoned house - and she will 'get' Leo if night catches him too close to the house.