Genius is a 2003 direct-to-video American dramatic film, written and directed by Babar Ahmed. The film was Ahmed's debut feature film. It was screened at several film festivals receiving multiple awards and then released straight to video.


A student with a learning disability hires a self-centered teacher to make him smart enough to win over the heart of the prettiest girl in school. Whatever Mike lacks in brains, he more than makes up for in heart. But in the eyes of his beautiful classmate he may as well not exist. Desperate to capture the attention of his comely but somewhat shallow dream girl Mike enlists the help of universally disliked teacher Ms Goldwyn to increase his IQ so that he may finally form a blip on Hannah's romantic radar.


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    director Babar Ahmad
    genre drama
    keywords dream girl learning disability
    musicBy Kathy Haggerty
    publisher MTI Home Video