Laaj (; lit:Respect) is a Pakistani romantic television series that was aired on 23 July 2016. Created by Momina Duraid, series starrs Iqra Aziz, Kamran Jilani and Zarnish Khan.


This is a story of arrogance. Bari Sahab is a widowed, head of a house. Her husband's brother, Sikandar is jealous and is against of her. Sikandar has a son, Dilawar, who is married and has a son, Sajjad. Bari Sahab has two sons, Jahanzaib Chaudhry and Shahzeb. Bari Sahab was also eldest among her only sister, who died when her daughter Zainab was young. She later used to live in Bari Sahab's home. She loved Jahanzaib more than anything. But Jahanzaib was married to Meena whom Zainab hated, and because of her curse she did for Meena that she die, Meena died after giving a daughter, Mannat. Mannat and Sajjad were married initially but are at end of their marriage. Mannat and Shahmir are secretly in love and want to marry but because of Shahmir's evil plans that she was forced to marry Sajjad makes Mannat to hate Shahmir but he often visits Sain Sarkar's Mazar with Mannat. Mannat's sorrows began from her real mom Meena's death. Jahanzeb says Zainab to care of Mannat and she does. Sajjad later divorces Mannat on Bari Sahab's wish as she always wanted that Mannat shouldn't marry Sajjad. Shahzeb acts as he loves Zainab but he is in love with Alisha. Mannat and Shahmir run away from home to save Mannats unborn child. Zainab assists them in running away. When the morning comes people in the haveli find out that mannat and shahmir ran away and then jahanzaib sends people to find mannat and shamir. Mannat and Shahmir seek shelter in the city in Alisha’s house. Alisha calls the media to raise awareness of what happened to Mannat and to help other girls who may be going through a similar situation. Through the news, they found out that zainab helped them run away. Due to this shock Bari sahab faints and is in a coma. Shahzeb is on his way to Alisha’s house to collect mannat, however he gets shot and killed by one of Sikander’s men. In the end mannat gives birth to a baby boy. Alisha starts a school in which 300 students attend. The drama ends with Jahanzaib playing with his grandson; swinging the baby in the air.


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    genre drama
    keywords baby baby boy end force kill married morning run away swing want widow
    publisher Hum TV