Aate Di Chidi

Aate Di Chidi

Aate Di Chidi is a 2018 Punjabi-language black comedy film directed by Harry Bhatti and starring Amrit Maan, Neeru Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Arjun Gupta. The film was released worldwide on 18 October 2018, on the Dussehra festival. It was shot in Canada and Punjab, India.


Vikram (Amrit Maan), Eliza (Neeru Bajwa), Dilip Singh (Sardar Sohi) and Lavi are a Punjabi family living in Canada. Dilip is the father of Vikram, Eliza is the wife of Vikram and Lavi is their son. Eliza doesn't like the fact that Dilip teaches Lavi about Punjabi culture because Lavi is going to live in Canada his whole life. Dilip wants to go to India for a visit, but Eliza has his passport. Eliza's neighbours are a couple with a daughter, and the wife works with Eliza. The wife's Father-In-Law (B.N. Sharma) arrives from India and his son (Gurpreet Ghuggi) doesn't want him to stay here because his wife doesn't want him to. After much pleading, he is allowed to stay. The father-in-law and Dilip talk about how daughters-in-law always disrespect their fathers-in-law. Dilip also has a huge urge to go to India. One day there is a party, and during that party the Father In Law and Dilip make a plan to get Dilip's passport so he can go to India. Eliza finds out and Dilip says the whole family will go to India with me. Just before the flight, the neighbour's daughter asks Lavi for something from India. Lavi says I will give you an 'Aate Di Chidi' (bird made from dough in Punjabi), because the other day Dilip told Lavi how an Aate Di Chidi was the best thing you could get from a Punjabi childhood.