Routes of Exile: A Moroccan Jewish Odyssey

Routes of Exile: A Moroccan Jewish Odyssey is a 1982 documentary about the origin and history of the Moroccan Jews, directed and produced by Eugene Rosow with producers Howard Dratch & Vivian Kleiman. Beginning with a history of two thousand years of Jewish life in Morocco, the movie incorporates extensive archival footage, as well as interviews with: artists, scholars, journalists, merchants, workers, and artisans in Morocco, Israel, France, and Canada.


Beginning in ancient Morocco, the film begins by describing the Berber Jews. Jewish life in Morocco is shown with scenes of a wedding and a bris. The head of a Berber village describes how the Jewish community was established in the village, and the narrative goes on to recount the details of the second wave of Jewish immigration from the Iberian Peninsula following the Spanish Inquisition. Various historians, government officials, and members of Jewish civic and cultural life in Morocco discuss the relationship between Berber Jews and the more recently arrived Sephardic Jews, and place these into the context of the larger history of Morocco. Included is a discussion of the impact of French culture and schools on the Moroccan Jews during Morocco's tenure as a French Protectorate.