Bangaru Pichika

Bangaru Pichika

Bangaru Pichika is a 1968 Telugu-language comedy-drama film directed by Bapu, produced by Kommana Narayana Rao and written by Mullapudi Venkata Ramana. It stars Chandra Mohan and Vijaya Nirmala. The music was composed by K. V. Mahadevan. Bapu remade the film as Pelli Koduku in 1994 with Naresh and Divyavani.


Chandra Mohan is the son of a rich mother (Shanta Kumari) and fun-loving father. His mother asks him to marry, but his father advises him to run away from home and enjoy life. His mother announces rewards for those who find him. He tries to escape all these people. A criminal gang which has an eye on his properties sends one of their female members (Vijaya Nirmala) to attract him. But she falls in love with him. The remaining story is about how they both escape the criminal gang and unite.

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    director Bapu
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords criminal gang run away
    musicBy K. V. Mahadevan
    producer Kommana Narayana Rao
    productionCompany Sri Ganesh Pictures