Mookajjiya Kanasugalu

Mookajjiya Kanasugalu is a 2019 Kannada film directed by P. Sheshadri, based on the Jnanpith Award-winning novel of the same name by K. Shivaram Karanth. The film was produced by Navyachitra Creations and written by P. Sheshadri.


Mookajji is an eighty-year-old woman who lives in coastal Karnataka. Mookambika, as she was named at birth, was married off as a child before she could attain puberty, but the boy she was married to died within two days of the wedding. As a result, Mookajji now lives in her maternal house with her brother’s grandson, Subbaraya and his wife Seetha who have two children. Subbaraya discovers that Mookajji has the power of extrasensory perception. She can touch any object or talk to a person and see the history behind that object or person.