Radha Gopalam

Radha Gopalam

Radha Gopalam is a 2005 Telugu film which stars Srikanth and Sneha; it is based on the Hollywood movie Adam's Rib. This film was directed by Bapu, with music by Mani Sharma and lyrics penned by veturi, Jonnavittula, Mullapudi Venkata Ramana. Nani worked as one of the assistant directors for this movie before starting his career as an Actor. The performances of Srikanth and Sneha were critically applauded. Sneha won the prestigious Nandi Special Jury Award for her performance in the movie. The movie opened to outstanding reviews by critics and it was a box office hit.


Gopalam (Srikanth) performs tapas and gets Radha (Sneha) as his wife. Gopalam is an assistant public prosecutor. Radha is the daughter of Judge (Ranganath). She applies for a law degree after marriage and passes the exams with high honors. Radha is superior and more talented than Gopalam at work. This trait infuriates Gopalam and it causes a rift between him and Radha. The rest of the story is all about how they survive the ego tiff.

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    director Bapu
    keywords meka srikanth ranganath tapa
    musicBy Mani Sharma
    producer Anil Kumar Koneru
    publisher Naga Babu