Im Sonderauftrag

Im Sonderauftrag (English-language title: Special Mission) is an East German black-and-white film directed by Heinz Thiel. It was released in 1959.


In 1958, somewhere in the Baltic Sea, a People's Navy minesweeper commanded by Captain Fischer encounters a foreign boat. Its skipper is a man named Arendt, who has served with Fischer in the Kriegsmarine during the Second World War. Fischer recalls how, in 1943, his superior Captain Lieutenant Wegner planned to defect to the Danish resistance and join the communists, but was arrested and sentenced to death. Fischer realizes that Arendt, one of the few who knew of Wegner's plans, was actually a Gestapo agent and betrayed him. Now, he understands that Arendt works for West Germany and intends to gather intelligence in the German Democratic Republic. Fischer foils his plans and the minesweeper returns to its mission.