The Adventures of Ruth

The Adventures of Ruth

The Adventures of Ruth is a 1919 American film serial directed by George Marshall. It is now considered to be a lost film. The serial was advertised as written, produced and directed by Ruth Roland. Roland was the producer, but it was written by Gilson Willets and directed by George Marshall.


As described in a film magazine, Daniel Robin has become mixed up with a band of criminals known as "the 13," and is shot when he refuses to do their bidding. His daughter Ruth (Roland), brought home from boarding school, reaches his bedside before he expires. He tells her that she will be given thirteen keys. Instructions will be provided with each key and, if she follows the instructions, she will eventually fully learn of her birthright. Many adventures then follow as Ruth attempts to solve the puzzle of each key and establish her true birthright.

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    director George Marshall
    genre action adventure
    keywords boarding school film magazine
    producer Ruth Roland
    productionCompany Ruth Roland Serials
    publisher Astra Film Corporation Pathé