Malayali Mamanu Vanakkam

Malayali Mamanu Vanakkam is a Malayalam language film directed by Rajasenan starring Jayaram, Prabhu and Roja as the leads. It was released in 22 February 2002. The film was dubbed into Tamil as Gounder Veetu Maapillai, with additional scenes featuring Vadivelu, Venniradai Moorthy, M. S. Bhaskar and Lekhasri.


Anandakuttan's mother (Srividya) wants her daughter Anandavalli (Shobha Mohan) to be with the family for Anandakuttan's (Jayaram) marriage to Revathy (Suja Karthika). So he takes up a trip on to Tamil Nadu in search of his sister and her husband Muniyandi (Kalabhavan Mani) along with his uncle Keshu (Jagathy Sreekumar).

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    director Rajasenan
    keywords engage
    musicBy Suresh Peters
    producer B Rakesh
    publisher Cinema Cinema