Anti-hero is a 1999 action film directed by Matt Jaissle and starring Isaac Cooper, Craig Smith, Mark Arndt, Dave Bramwell, Todd Tjersland, Steve Sheppard and Sam Walt. The film revolves around a second-rate TV actor, Ace Baldwin (Cooper), and his co-star, Rick Beverly (Smith), who together are the main stars of a low-budget, low-quality super-hero television series relatively unknown in the US, but is allegedly "#3 in Mexico." The film was shot in and around Olympia, Washington.


In the series, Beverly is Magna-Max, a super-hero with the ability to wield magnetic forces (possibly a reference to Magneto of X-Men fame), and Baldwin is the obligatory side-kick, Wonder Boy. Baldwin is not happy with his second-rate status in the series, nor in his own life, and struggles to overcome his despair. He becomes involved with Zamphir (Arndt) who has stolen the only sample of an experimental and potent type of synthetic heroin from a drug gang. After Arndt is killed by the gang attempting to recover their drug sample, Baldwin takes the sample himself, intending to sell it before the gang catches up with him. In short order he finds that the gang is on his trail. He must quickly find a way to sell the drug and make his escape before the gang's hitmen (Tjersland and Sheppard) can find him.