Fittrat is an Indian romantic drama web series produced by Ekta Kapoor for ALTBalaji. It stars Krystle D'Souza, Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan. It started streaming simultaneously on ALT Balaji & ZEE5 on 18 October 2019.


Tarini Bisht grew up with only one goal in life, to become rich by marrying a rich man. After completing a degree in journalism, she goes to meet her childhood friend Amy who is the daughter of a media Lord to be able to meet rich heirs to marry. She mistakes Amy's fiancé to be her brother Bunty and he becomes obsessed with her. When she rejects his approaches, he creates a rift between her and Amy by making Amy believe that she is after him. Tarini goes back to her dad's house but refusing to accept defeat, she goes back to expose Amy's dad, Veer and Veer's dad of their illegal land deals by joining a upcoming rival media house and is supported by Bunty. However, they buy the media house as well. Veer eventually falls in love with Tarini but she continues to refuse him but gives in at last. She sees the picture of her mother drawn by her father (shown in the beginning as bought by a rich lady and then found dumped at an art gallery by Tarini when she goes to collect evidence against Veer) in his house and gets to know that he bought it for his love for her. Veer decides not to marry Amy and runs away from his wedding to Tarini's house. When Amy's dad finds out about this he sends the police to arrest him for the illegal deals they made. Tarini tells him she never loved him but wanted revenge from him by ruining him but he tells her that she didn't ruin him but he ruined himself for her. She goes back to her dad's home where Amy comes to meet her and when asked by Amy if she ever loved Veer, she says that she loved only Amy who accepted her for who she was and was always a good friend to her. Sometime later Tarini is shown to have become a famous journalist and has become rich from the gold within her.


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    genre drama
    keywords art gallery begin dump obsess rich lady rich man want wed
    publisher ALT Balaji ALTBalaji