Sting of Death

Sting of Death is a 1965 B-horror film directed by William Grefe, written by Al Dempsey and Herschell Gordon Lewis, and starring Joe Morrison, Valerie Hawkins, John Vella, and Jack Nagle.


A group of college students travel south to Florida on spring break with their friend Karen, whose father, Dr. Richardson, is a marine biologist currently studying jellyfish. The students, Louise, Jessica, Donna, Susan and Karen, stay with a man named Dr. John Hoyt. They insult and ridicule Dr. Richardson's assistant, Egon, who is in love with Karen. Egon creates a murderous jellyfish mutant which begins a killing spree. Egon eventually brings Karen to his secret laboratory in the swamp. Dr. Richardson keeps the monster at bay as he and Karen escape the lab. One of the machines causes the place to explode, destroying Egon and his aquatic, bloodthirsty creation.