Persécution is a 2009 romantic-drama film directed by Patrice Chéreau. It stars Romain Duris, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jean-Hugues Anglade. It premiered on 5 September 2009 at the 66th Venice International Film Festival where it was nominated for the Golden Lion.


Daniel, 35, is haunted by a stranger who regularly breaks into his house and spies on him. One day, the stranger, a seemingly harmless middle-aged man, confronts Daniel and tells him that he is the man of his life. Daniel is shocked by the admission and tells the stranger to stay away. Daniel has a girlfriend, Sonia, whom he persecutes yet also worships. Sonia prioritizes her career before her relationship with Daniel and ignores his needs.

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    director Patrice Chéreau
    editor François Gédigier
    genre drama
    keywords haunt
    musicBy Éric Neveux
    publisher Mars Distribution
    theme lgbt-related romantic drama