Strokes Of Life <br>金枝玉叶

Strokes Of Life (金枝玉叶) (traditional: 金枝玉孽) (pin yin: Jin Zhi Yu Ye) or translated roughly into English as Golden Branch Jade Leaf is a costume Hokkien drama set in 1917, then 1940. It was produced by Formosa Television in Taiwan and was broadcast in 2001. It starred Ye Huan, Lin Wei, Wang Mei Jun and Chen Guang.


Two brides, Yu Ye (Ye Huan) and Jin Feng (Mei Jun) met each other while on their way to their future husband. According to the costume, two brides meeting each other on their wedding day will bring bad luck. Thus, Yu Ye and Jin Feng wish each other a good marriage ahead. When Yu Ye reached her husband's house, Jin Feng was there also. Meanwhile, Shi Hua (Lin Wei) had no idea that he will have a double wedding that day.