La ciénaga

La ciénaga ( ) is a 2001 Argentine, Spanish, and French film, written and directed by Lucrecia Martel in her feature directorial debut. The film was executive-produced by Ana Aizenberg, Diego Guebel, Mario Pergolini, and produced by Lita Stantic. It features Graciela Borges, Mercedes Morán, Martín Adjemián and Daniel Valenzuela, among others.


Mecha, a woman in her 50s with several teenage children and a husband Gregorio, wants to remain looking young. In order to avoid the hot and humid weather of the city, the family spends the summers in their decaying country estate named La Mandrágora. After Mecha falls and injures herself, she is confined to her bed, and takes to drinking. She resents her gloomy Amerindian servants, whom she accuses of theft and laziness. Mecha's cousin Tali, who lives in a modest house in town with her husband Rafael, makes repeated visits with her brood of young, noisy children to escape from her claustrophobic home. Before long, the crowded domestic situation in both homes strains the families' nerves, exposing repressed family mysteries and tensions that threaten to erupt into violence.