Amar te duele (can be interpreted as both "Loving You Hurts” and "Loving Hurts You") is a 2002 Mexican romantic drama film written by Carolina Rivera and directed by Fernando Sariñana. In the story, both families hate each other because they belong to different social classes. This movie offers various archetypes of urban and modern youth in Mexico within a story about sexual attraction and adolescent idealism.


The story begins in a suburb of Mexico City with Ulises, whose father sells clothes in the market. He is accustomed to living humbly as he belongs to a low socioeconomic class, and could be considered a "naco". Ulises' environment is one of drugs, crime and graffiti, his great passion. One day, Ulises and his friends decide to go play Qzar, a laser-gun game. In the game, Ulises encounters Francisco, an upper-class boy, who is Renata's boyfriend. The "nacos" and the upper-class kids begin to fight after Francisco insults them. The fight ends in shoves and blows that only hurt Francisco's pride.