The Heyde-Sawade Affair

The Heyde-Sawade Affair (Original title: Die Affäre Heyde-Sawade) is a 1963 film produced for the First Programme of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) television. The movie has been produced by the DEFA-studios for movies in Potsdam/Babelsberg near Berlin.


After being responsible for the murder in round about 100.000 so called "euthanasia" cases in Nazi Germany till 1945, SS psychiatrist and physician Dr. Werner Heyde has lived uncovered under the pseudonym "Fritz Sawade" after the war in Northern Germany's Schleswig-Holstein. His true identity remains unclear over fourteen years occupied with medical expertises for the post-war Western Germany's justice. His wife had declared her husband as dead and received for this time a pension for a widow of a psychology professor. After being captured by the justice, Dr. Heyde found dead in his jail right before beginning of his trial.