Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh

Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh is a Filipino fantasy comedy film starring Zsa Zsa Padilla, BB Gandanghari, Chokoleit, Pops Fernandez and Alfred Vargas. The movie was based on a comic.


Ada (BB Gandanghari) is a gay parlor owner with an airhead for an employee. Dodong (Alfred Vargas) is every woman and gay man's apple of the eye, except the parlor owner. As he was bathing when he was hit by a falling meteor. He tells it to his own employee, but was heckled and told him to swallow the stone, which he did, transforming him into Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, a woman blessed by superpowers. His sidekick puts him on some tests, such as pulling a tree and fighting some thugs.