Vulgar is a 2000 American thriller film written and directed by Bryan Johnson and produced by Monica Hampton for Kevin Smith's View Askew Productions. It features multiple actors from the View Askewniverse. The film is the tale of the character Vulgar, a clown who appeared in the original View Askew Productions logo. Though not a Kevin Smith film, it stars several actors that were cast in other View Askew Productions, such as Brian O'Halloran as the lead character, Smith himself as a gay TV executive, Jason Mewes as a car wash employee, and director Bryan Johnson in a supporting role as Syd.


Will Carlson is a 20-something loser who lives in a rundown neighborhood in New Jersey, where he ekes out a living as a birthday party clown in order to pay the rent for his abusive mother's nursing home and the rent on his rundown house. Despite the difficulties of the job, clowning is Will's one escape from the realities of his miserable existence: Will genuinely likes kids, and takes great joy from making them happy on their birthdays.