Masikip sa Dibdib

Masikip sa Dibdib

Masikip sa Dibdib (, also known as Boobita Rose... Masikip sa Dibdib) is a 2004 Filipino satirical comedy film, directed by Joyce E. Bernal. The film was released to Philippine theaters on April 14, 2004. It stars Rufa Mae Quinto as the title character and in her second collaborative effort with Bernal since the 2001 film Booba. Quinto also served as producer together with Viva Films. The film was released on video under the title Masikip sa Dibdib: Ang Tunay na Buhay ni Boobita Rose.


With the weight of an alcoholic née suicidal sister Brigitte (Sunshine Dizon), a womanizing addict for a brother Bogs (John Lapus), a hypochondriac for a mother Lupe (Gina Pareño), and a socially challenged lovelife Mark (Rudy Hatfield) hanging on her shoulders, Boobita Rose (Rufa Mae Quinto) breaks down by breaking into a song. However, she proves to be a tough cookie to crumble and gamely deals with her tribulations through a roller coaster ride of laugh and tears.

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    director Joyce Bernal
    editor Renato de Leon
    genre comedy
    keywords break hang roller coaster rudy hatfield
    musicBy Chuckie Dreyfuss
    producer Rufa Mae Quinto
    productionCompany Viva Films
    publisher Media Asia Films Viva Films