Big Fat Liar is a 2002 American comedy film, directed by Shawn Levy, written by Dan Schneider and Brian Robbins, and starring Frankie Muniz, Paul Giamatti, Amanda Bynes, Amanda Detmer, Donald Faison, Lee Majors, Russell Hornsby, and Kenan Thompson.


Jason Shepherd is a 14-year-old compulsive liar living in Michigan. He tries to get out of his creative writing essay by making up a lie, but gets caught by his English teacher Phyllis Caldwell, who alerts his parents. He is given three hours to submit his essay or he will fail English and attend summer school. Jason uses his talent for lying to write a story titled "Big Fat Liar". Riding a bike to turn in the essay, he is struck by the limousine of Hollywood producer Marty Wolf, who gives him a ride. Marty is in town shooting an action comedy film, Whitaker and Fowl. During the ride, Marty reveals he also tells lies and that the truth is overrated. In a rush, Jason accidentally leaves his essay in the limo. Marty is inspired by the story when he reads it and decides to keep it for himself. Jason realizes his essay is missing and explains what happened, but his parents and Caldwell do not believe him and he is sent to summer school to repeat English.