The Blazing Trail

The Blazing Trail

The Blazing Trail is a 1921 American silent melodrama film directed by Robert Thornby and starring Frank Mayo, Frank Holland, and Verne Winter. It was released in May 1921.


Bradley Yates is a talented doctor who is working on a serum for blood poisoning. He has worked so hard on it that he is on the verge of a physical breakdown. He decides to take some time off to rest and recuperate and heads down to the beautiful mountains of Kentucky. Upon his arrival there he takes on the persona of Brad Pickins, a woodcutter. As Pickins he begins a friendly relationship with a young woman from the community, Talithy Millicuddy. Since there is no school, Bradley begins to give Talithy books to study, and helps her. Talithy, however, is looking for more than friendship.