Liar, Liar

Liar, Liar is a 1993 Canadian drama television film starring Vanessa King as a girl who accuses her father (Art Hindle) of molestation, only to have no one in her family believe her. The film originally aired in January 1993 on CBC Television in Canada.


11-year-old Kelly Farrow (Vanessa King) is a girl with a history of telling tall tales and bullying her younger siblings. One night, she locks her younger brother Patrick (Joel Palmer) in the bathroom, which he fears greatly, and is punished by her father Gil (Art Hindle), who "spanks" her. Afterwards, Kelly vows that he will never hurt her again. At school the next day, she hears a classmate tell a story about a relative who accused her father of molestation and had him sent to jail; this gives her an idea. Kelly tells her teacher Mrs. Hildebrant (Wendy Van Riesen) that her father has been sexually abusing her. Kelly speaks with the authorities, and they arrange to have her father arrested.