Arthanaari is a 1946 Tamil language film directed and produced by T. R. Raghunath. The film features P. U. Chinnappa, T. R. Ramachandran, M. S. Saroja and M. V. Rajamma in the lead roles with N. S. Krishnan, T. A. Madhuram and Kali N. Rathnam playing supporting roles.


Bhagavathi (Saroja) and Punyavathi (Rajamma) are the princesses of the fictional kingdom of Gandhara who have lost everything due to misfortune and live on the banks of the Ganges. Vijayavarman (Chinnappa), Bhagavathi's husband and himself a prince, is thrown into prison by the people who usurped the throne of Gandhara. While Vijayavarman thinks of a way to escape and reclaim the kingdom, the two princesses decide to commit suicide by drowning themselves in the Ganges. A sage, who happened to perform penance under a sacred tree nearby, sees the princesses drowning, saves them and advises them to seek the blessings of Ardhanarishvara and have faith in Him. Vijayavarman is rescued by one of his friends and defeats the usurpers, thus reclaiming Gandhara. He then reunites with the two princesses.