Jim and pirates Blom

Jim and pirates Blom is a 1987 Swedish adventure film directed by Hans Alfredson. The main roles are Johan Akerblom, Ewa Fröling and Jan Malmsjö. The film premiered in Sweden on February 12, 1987. The film was premiered on February 12, 1987, at the cinema Rio in Tomelilla. The film's title is related to the cartoon series "Terry and the pirates", which have also been called "Jim and the Pirates". The film stars are Johan Åkerblom, Ewa Fröling, and Jan Malmsjö


The film is about the 8-year-old boy Jim who lives in Malmö and whose father recently died. But the ghost of his father comes back and begins to visit him. Later, the ghost disappears and Jim begins to fantasize that he is the captain of a pirate ship and out on an adventure with his mother, father and pirate Eskil Blom.

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    director Hans Alfredson
    editor Jan Persson
    genre adventure comedy
    keywords malmö pirate ship
    musicBy Stefan Nilsson
    producer Waldemar Bergendahl
    theme cartoon