Under Jakob's Ladder

Under Jakob's Ladder

Under Jakob's Ladder is an independent drama film by CubeCity Entertainment. Based on a true story, it tells how a teacher named Jakob Seel is arrested and thrown into a Soviet prison in 1938. Mann Munoz directed the film and Roberto Munoz produced. Jeff Stewart plays the lead role of Jakob Seel. The film also stars Christopher Elliott, Sal Rendino, Quentin McCuiston, Sean Patrick Folster, Matthew R. Staley, Chloe Roe, and Ken Jennings.


Jakob Seel (Jeff Stewart) struggles with his growing sense of worthlessness after he is dismissed from his position as a teacher in a Soviet village. A neighbor asks him to say a prayer at the funeral of her brother. He agrees, even though he knows it is illegal. Jakob is reported and he is arrested by the secret police later that night. They take him from his daughter and granddaughter, Marta (played by Chloe Roe).


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    director Mann Munoz
    editor Mann Munoz
    genre drama
    keywords arrest ken jennings one by one political prisoner secret police
    musicBy Miq Munoz
    producer Roberto Muñoz