Crocodile Hunter

Crocodile Hunter

Crocodile Hunter (專釣大鱷) is a 1989 Hong Kong action comedy film written and directed by Wong Jing, and starring Andy Lau as an ace police officer who teams up with his less than competent subordinate (Alex Man) to capture a group of wanted thieves with bounties on their heads.


While on duty saving hostages in a movie theater, Special Duties Unit officer Happy Chiu (Andy Lau) is shot in the head by a criminal disguised as a hostage and is hospitalized for nine months. Despite having a bullet lodged in his head, Happy refuses to retire so he applies to transfer as a senior inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to earn cash to pay for his mother's (Soh Hang-suen) kidney transplant operation. At this time, a group of thieves led by Prince (Lung Fong) have escaped from prison and the police have issued a bounty of HK$800,000 to have them captured, so Happy assigns his CID detective Bad Odor Chuen (Alex Man), a cowardly, incompetent, officer who was previously humiliated by Prince's underling, Shrimp (Eddie Mauher), who forced Chuen to undress himself at gunpoint. Lam Tin-fu (Ricky Wong), elder son of Lam's Group CEO Lam Yuet-ting (Foo Wang-tat), is unhappy that his father appointing his younger brother (Jimmy Wong) to be his successor, so he hires Prince to stage a robber at Lam's Group to get his father and brother killed.