Paris is an American police procedural that aired on the CBS television network from September 29, 1979 to January 15, 1980. The show is notable as the first appearance of actor James Earl Jones in a television lead role. Paris was created and executive produced by Steven Bochco, and produced by Edward DeBlasio for MTM Enterprises.


Los Angeles Police Captain Woody Paris (Jones) is the supervisor of a team of rookie detectives, led by Sergeant Stacy Erickson (Cecilia Hart) and including officers Charlie Bogart (Jake Mitchell), Ernesto Villas (Frank Ramirez), and Willie Miller (Michael Warren). Hank Garrett portrayed Deputy Chief Jerome Bench, Paris' superior, and, in an unusual turn for police dramas of that era, Paris' home and off-duty life was given considerable attention, with Lee Chamberlin portraying his wife Barbara. Paris additionally moonlighted as a professor of criminology at a local university.