Mukha ng Buhay

Mukha ng Buhay is a Philippine drama series produced by Viva Television aired in two networks, PTV and RPN.


The story is all about the faces of life, in dealing with love, friendship, death and family. Starting with the relationship of Emily and Eric. Emily was just a maid at the household of the rich Amanda, the mother of Eric. But the two fell in love with each other. Of course, Amanda doesn't approve this. But still, the two got married. Amanda started to make Emily's life miserable, with the help of her friend Betsay and cousin Carol. Meanwhile, Lani, a very kind-hearted daughter, experiences hardships because of her status in life, and her father, who is a gambler. At least she had her friends Bebang and Inoy to comfort her, not knowing that Inoy has eyes on her, and Bebang has eyes on him. Emily and Lani will meet when Lani applied to be a maid at their household. Will the two overcome their hardships in life?


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    genre drama
    keywords married
    publisher People's Television Network Radio Philippines Network