Home and Away: Revenge

Home and Away: Revenge is a television film and spin-off of the Australian soap opera Home and Away. It was co-written by Dan Bennett and Brooke Wilson, and directed by Arnie Custo. Revenge premiered on 19 December 2016 on Foxtel on Demand, Foxtel Play and Presto, shortly after the season finale of Home and Away aired on Seven Network. It was commissioned along with Home and Away: All or Nothing following the success of the 2015 telefilm Home and Away: An Eye for an Eye, which broke Presto streaming records. Revenge serves as a sequel to An Eye for an Eye and also features current and returning Home and Away cast members.


Heath Braxton and Bianca Scott travel to the Northern Territory for a late honeymoon. They are followed by Trevor "Gunno" Gunson, who they presumed dead after Heath let him fall from a cliff. In Summer Bay, Irene is looking after Heath's teenage daughter Darcy. Darcy tells Martin "Ash" Ashford and Irene that she is worried about Bianca being alone with Heath following their recent marital problems. Heath and Bianca learn they have been booked on a helicopter flight and their pilot Barry takes them out to a gorge. Heath returns Bianca's wedding bracelet to her, after she removed it during their rough patch. They realise that Barry is late picking them up. While Heath goes to higher ground to find a phone signal, Bianca is kidnapped by Gunno. He dumps an unconscious Barry in the bush and drives Bianca to an abandoned town.