Heidi is a Swiss-German computer animated children's TV series, based indirectly on the 1881 novel Heidi by Johanna Spyri. The original 2007 television series was a Swiss-French-Italian-Australian co-production in 27 episodes of 26 minutes. A "remake" (rather than a re-telling) of Heidi, Girl of the Alps, much of the story is the same; the titular character is a then-five-year-old girl, who's taken to her grandfather on the Swiss Alps by her aunt, Dete to live with him and while the girl ends up improving his life, she also befriends Peter, the goatherd of the village Dorfli below and the one who causes her to find a big passion of hers, goats and other animals in general. But in this version, there is also a trio, Karl, Theresa, and William, who usually try to do something that would downgrade Peter, whom they often refer to as a mountain goat, in some way or another. But in the first winter up there, a letter is eventually gotten and what results from there will end up changing another's life, as well.


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    genre adventure drama
    publisher Studio 100 Warner Bros. Television