Naked Blood

is a 1996 Japanese horror film directed by Hisayasu Satō. It is a remake of Satō's 1987 film, , and, according to Allmovie, "contains one of the most appalling scenes in Japanese horror." The film is not pornographic and contains only a mild sex scene near the end of the film.


A scientist named Eiji has developed a new chemical called 'MySon' that can turn pain into pleasure. He decides to put three girls who attend the experiment held by Eiji's mother to the test. Meanwhile, Eiji has a crush on one of the girls, Rika. 'MySon' influences the girls gradually. The gluttonous woman wishes to have the best food in the world, but she ends up eating herself. The vain woman wishes to have the thinnest and most beautiful body in the world. However, noticing hairs and pores all over her body, she tries to mutilate herself. Rika does not seem to be influenced by 'MySon', but Eiji finds out that it has turned her into a homicidal sadist. and that she killed the other two girls. He impregnates her, but dies. She survives, and bears his son. In the final scene, she leaves on a motorcycle to spray MySon onto the general population.