Murders at Mont Ventoux

Murders at Mont Ventoux (French : Meurtres au mont Ventoux) is a French television film directed by Thierry Peythieu, from the collection Murders at, and broadcast for the first time in Belgium on 8 March 2015 on La Une and on 23 May 2015 on France 3. It was broadcast again on 31 May 2016 on France 3.


Alexia Mejean, known as Alex, goes back to her native village after the death of her uncle from whom she has just inherited. She attracts the mistrust from the population. It is true that she rebelled herself 25 years earlier against a local superstition: a dragon, the Drac, would haunt a neighboring source. One of her friends would be dead for having challenged it. The death of her uncle being suspect, Alexia stays in the county.

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    contentLocation Mont Ventoux
    director Thierry Peythieu
    genre crime
    keywords inherit