The Taming of the Snood

The Taming of the Snood is a 1940 film directed by Jules White. It is the fifth short subject starring Buster Keaton made for Columbia Pictures.


Buster is the owner of "Keaton's Snappy Hats" hat shop. While modeling hats for a customer, jewel thief Dorothy Appleby, a stolen ring is stuffed into his porkpie hat. She convinces him she likes his hat and has it delivered to her apartment. When Buster arrives, the maid Elsie Ames, winds up doing many stunts and pratfalls with Buster. The jewel thief returns to her apartment and retrieves the ring and hides it on the leg of her parrot. The parrot flies out the window and Buster and the maid go after it, eventually hanging from a flagpole and careening back into the apartment with the ring. Detectives have caught up with the thief and the ring is promptly handed over to them.

    More details

    director Jules White
    editor Mel Thorsen
    genre comedy
    keywords dorothy appleby elsie ames hang hat shop jewel thief model
    producer Jules White
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    theme short