The Glass Room

The Glass Room is a 2019 Czech drama film directed by Julius Ševčík. It stars Hanna Alström, Karel Roden and Carice van Houten. It is based on a book by Simon Mawer of the same name.


The glass room is portrayed in the film as the center of the villa, an architectural uniqueness with a panorama of Brno behind a glass wall and an onyx back wall, which represents the pinnacle of the clients' financial possibilities. In the film, the glass room is a symbol of the cosmopolitan meeting and hopes of the business representatives of the First Republic, embodied in this case by the German Jewish big capitalists of Czechoslovakia, their friends, children and a Jewish educator. The future of the villa and the Tugendhat family is synonymous with the short-term prosperity of the First Republic, the beauty, modernity and openness of the 1930s, the relentlessly ended emigration of the owner's family, the aggression of Nazi power and the repression of their friends.

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    director Julius Ševčík
    editor Jaroslaw Kaminski
    genre drama
    keywords german jew glass room meet
    musicBy Javier Navarrete
    publisher Bioscop
    recordedAt Brno Villa Tugendhat