The Trials of Jimmy Rose

The Trials of Jimmy Rose is a British crime drama television miniseries, starring Ray Winstone as protagonist Jimmy Rose, an ex-convict and businessman who tries to go straight after being released from prison on licence. The series also stars Amanda Redman, John Lynch and Paul Jesson as Jimmy's wife, her lover and his brother, respectively. The series premiered on 30 August 2015. The DVD of the first series was released on 14 September 2015.


Jimmy Rose (Ray Winstone), a long-term convict and criminal, is released on parole after serving twelve years in prison for armed robbery. When he returns home, he finds his wife, Jackie (Amanda Redman) is co-habiting with another man; his son, Joe (Tom Cullen) refuses to even speak to him; and his grand-daughter, Ellie (Montanna Thompson), has become addicted to drugs and is now working as a courier for gangland criminals Mehmet Guzman and Tony Chivers. Jimmy decides to turn his back on going straight to save his granddaughter from the clutches of the evil world of drugs, whilst trying to rebuild his family at the same time.