Unexpected Race

Unexpected Race

Unexpected Race is a 2018 American fantasy film starring Jack Black ("Nacho Libre"), Jon Heder ("Napoleon Dynamite") and Clint Pulver. Unexpected Race was written, directed, and produced by Stephen Groo.


The film follows a young woman named Amber (Sariah Hopkin) who is sent to live with her father (Ruel Brown), someone she hasn't seen since a car accident that took the life of her mother more than 10 years ago. Amber finds an elf named Lythorin (Clint Pulver) hiding in the woods, trying to elude an FBI agent (Bob Richardson) tasked to destroy all elves. Amber and Lythorin fall in love and the elf must decide if he wants to stay alone or be with Amber.

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    director Stephen Groo
    genre fantasy
    keywords car accident fbi agent hide young woman
    musicBy Jason Adams
    producer Jared Harris
    publisher Wolf Productions